Overweight with Back Pain: Causes & Solutions

Overweight with Back Pain: Causes & Solutions
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Back pain is a common occurrence in people who are overweight. The link between back pain and being overweight is not a difficult thing to see. Any excess weight on the body puts more demand and strain on your joints. This, in turn, can cause discomfort and eventually, pain. Your body can compensate to a degree to support extra weight gain. However, at some point your body’s ability to do this plateaus. It is then that you start to feel the aches and pains of being overweight. Not surprisingly, your back might feel pain in your back. This is because the muscles, ligaments, and bones that make up your back are so mobile.

Solving Your Back Pain is About More Than Just Losing Weight

The obvious solution to remedying your back pain from being overweight is to lose weight. This can be done through proper diet, exercise and getting enough sleep. Excess weight can be detrimental to your health when fat builds up around your vital organs. That being said, losing weight is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to solving your back pain problem. After all, there are plenty of people with overweight bodies who have perfectly happy and healthy backs.

If you Google ‘overweight yogi’ you will find images of some curvy ladies doing very impressive things on their yoga mats despite their size. Some of these women have become big advocates for ‘fat bodies’ doing yoga. Dana Falsetti is one of these yogis and she has over 213 000 followers on Instagram. So what’s her secret? She works at building strength in her body just like anyone else trying to live pain-free.

Dana Falsetti Overweight YogaOn her website, Falsetti writes about her first time trying yoga:

I remember my first class well. I walked in having the largest body in the room on top of being the beginner, and yoga was hard. I couldn’t hold downward dog for 5 breaths, my shoulders were on fire, and all the while it seemed everybody else was popping up into optional headstands like it was no big deal. I remember thinking that would never and could never be me. I thought my body would limit my practice, but eventually I learned that only my mind sets limits.

So the important thing is to begin building strength in your body. Now.

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How to Start Solving Your Back Pain from Being Overweight Now

Regardless of whether you are overweight or not, your back needs muscular support to assist with supporting your body in an upright position. If you are overweight, your back needs that much more support. Fortunately, your body wants to support itself and with a little work, you will be able to build the strength and flexibility your back needs to be pain-free. Sometimes the reason people become overweight is because back pain and other physical limitations prevent them from exercising with ease in the first place. If this is you, there are many activities you can do that are both gentle and effective. These activities and exercises will help your body to build the strength that it needs to support your back.

Activities to Help with Back Pain When You are Overweight

Remember to always consult a medical practitioner before beginning a new exercise routine. Once you’ve got the thumbs up from your doctor, take your pick of the following activities. Your back with be on its way to being happy and pain-free in no time!

Yoga for Back Pain when You are Overweight

Not only is yoga gentle, it focuses on both strength and flexibility. So you will build your core strength through various poses, like Plank Pose and Boat Pose. Plus, you will stretch out your hips, which can also contribute to back pain. Check out our post on tight hips and back pain here.

In addition, if you really want to loosen your tight hips, we recommend taking a look at “Unlock Your Hip Flexors”, the hottest online program that is selling like hotcakes, and for a limited time it is ONLY $10! Click here to see it.

If you’re new to yoga or a bit shy about going to class, there are a lot of options for online learning, such as this Free course called Do Yoga With Me or you can spend a little money and as mentioned before, take a look at Her Yoga Secrets, which focuses more on losing weight with yoga.

Pilates for Back Pain when You are Overweight

Similar to yoga, Pilates focuses on building strength and flexibility in the body. Pilates places a huge emphasis on core strength so it is particularly awesome for building up the right muscles to support your spine and back.

Aqua Fitness for Back Pain when You are Overweight

Check out your local pool to mobilize and strengthen your body. The water provides both support and resistance so you can do core strengthening exercises in an effective way. This activity is particularly great if your aches and pains make exercise difficult.

Strength Training for Back Pain when You are Overweight

Weight lifting burns fat like nothing else and that little bit of extra load can help to target the muscles you want to strengthen. Focus on building core and back strength. There are a lot of online strength training programs available that you can do at home. Or head to your local gym and let a personal trainer help you get your back pain on track.

Dealing with back pain when you are overweight does not have to wait until you have shed those extra pounds. You can start today by strengthening and stretching your body in ways that will help your back to become pain-free.

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