Posture problems are a major cause of back pain and neck pain for many of us. As with so many things, there’s now an app for that! Here’s our run down of 5 top smartphone posture apps, including comprehensive tracking apps, educational tools, and insistent alerts!


The Lumo Lift app is free, but you’ll need to purchase a Lumo Lift sensor ($79.99-$149.99) to monitor your posture. This app not only enables posture tracking it calculates how many hours a day you slouch and sit up straight.

While it’s the most expensive app on this list, Lumo Lift is a comprehensive posture solution. It monitors your general activity levels, offers coaching tips, and can even detect your sleep posture! It also integrates with a range of existing online fitness tracking accounts so you can keep all your dates in one place.

The sensor is lightweight and discreet and takes less than 15 minutes to calibrate. It is pretty similar to a Fitbit, just with an added gyroscope so it can tell how you’re sitting. You attach it just below your collarbone using magnetic clips and it can detect when you are slouching or moving around. If you do slouch, the sensor quietly vibrates to remind you to sit up straight, making it perfect for use in the office and at home.

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Developed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association, the Straighten Up Canada app is a simple educational tool. It includes exercises to help improve your posture and allows you to track your progress while you learn more about back health. It even has handy links to help you find a chiropractor in your area (within Canada).


Posture Aware ($6.99) uses photos to assess your posture and takes you through a range of postural exercises. It includes an alarm to remind you to check your posture, and you can import photos from your smartphone for assessment. Simple and easy to use, Posture Aware provides handy progress reports so you can see how your posture has improved.


Ideal as a simple tool to remind you to take regular breaks from sitting at your desk, Stand Up! is free and easy to use. It doesn’t require any sensors as it doesn’t track or assess your posture. Instead, you set it to remind you to get up and move and it keeps track of how often you respond positively to the alerts. This is a great free app for keeping you on your toes, with some low cost in-app purchases for additional alerts.


Simple and free, the Perfect Posture Workout app is easy to use and doesn’t require anything other than your smartphone. Download the app and calibrate it in just five seconds by standing with good posture against a wall with your phone in your shirt pocket. Now try to maintain good posture for the duration of the 15-minute exercise! A gentle vibration will let you know if you start slouching.

If you find the calibration too sensitive, you can take it down a notch, with left/right and forward/back sensitivity options. The app plays soothing classical music for each 15-minute exercise, and you can pause the app if necessary (such as to take a phone call). Track your progress over the course of three weeks and see how well you’ve re-educated yourself to sit up straight.


Even though we know not to slouch, it’s easy to slip into bad habits, especially when we’re tied to our desks for most of the day. Hunching your shoulders and looking down at your smartphone is a surefire way to put your posture out of alignment. This can lead to acute back and neck pain and may even contribute to repetitive strain injury and chronic back pain. Given that our smartphones can sabotage posture, it seems fitting that there are now numerous smartphone posture apps to help you sit up straight!

These smartphone posture apps and devices are great ways to stop yourself from slouching. You may even learn a little about proper posture and could lower your risk of back and neck pain over time. Of course, these apps alone can’t cure back pain or treat a medical condition, so be sure to seek medical attention where necessary.