Back Posture Corrector (Women & Men), Discreet Comfortable Clavicle Support Back

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Back Posture Corrector for Women & Men - Discreet Comfortable Clavicle Support Back Brace - Neck Back and Shoulder Pain Relief Figure 8 Clavicle Brace for Posture Correction and Alignment (Universal)

  • Polyester & Cotton
  • Imported
  • BACK POSTURE CORRECTOR - Prevents hunching, slouching, scoliosis or ‘computer posture’. Push your shoulders back and align spine to enjoy your activities pain-FREE. "7 Steps to correct your posture" E-Book with the plan and exercises included.
  • SHOULDER & BACK PAIN RELIEF - Wearing our back posture corrector is a great way to stretch muscles and take some pressure off, therefore use the back support brace regularly can repair your muscles strain and damaged spine effectively. Invisible under clothes and completely discreet for your comfort.
  • ADJUSTABLE & EASY TO PUT ON: Unisex posture brace with adjustable straps is easy to put on. By using straps, you can easy to adjust the tightness of back support brace as you wish without help. The range of back posture corrector applies to around 25-53’’ chest sizes.
  • BREATHABLE DESIGN & QUALITY MATERIALSs - Design with quality breathable fabrics to minimize pressure of armpits, move freely as usually and get spine aligned. Made of high-quality durable materials, which increase the level of comfort and stability.
  • LONG-TERM RESULTS AT JUST A FRACTION OF THE COST - a solution that doesn’t involve spending hundreds or even thousands on repeated chiropractor. OK Goods posture corrector for men and women works by pulling back your shoulders and straightening your upper back, reducing your back pain.
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Why do we need to use Posture Corrector?

  • Acts as a clavicle brace in order to provide clavicle posture support while working out, lifting, sitting at the computer desk, working in the office and so on
  • Posture corrector braces counteract our tendencies to round shoulders and hunch, helps us retrain our spine and realign posture. Reduce slouching, hunching and slumping by straighten your back.
  • Recover mobility and strengthen the muscles, makes you look taller, slimmer and attractive.
  • Makes you look confident and powerful &improves bodily alignment. Eliminates back and neck pain & Improves breathing.
  • Lightweight padded neoprene corrector can be worn comfortably under or over clothing.

The OK Goods Posture Corrector is extremely effective in the management of poor posture and related conditions. Our posture corrector uses a strap system that allows you to tailor the level of support to your personal needs. It's made with a soft neoprene material that allows for all day wear in comfort. OK Goods Posture Corrector is fully adjusted to fit men, women and kids, perfect for computer users, pro drivers, students, office workers and gamers.

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Invisible Under Clothes: You can wear OK Goods Posture Corrector under your clothes all day long without anyone noticing it. You will surely look confident, healthy and younger.

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Regulated Back Strap: To increase the comfort during using the back brace take care about regulating the back strap. Using this strap you can not only adjust the suitable size but make pressure on your neck lower or even avoid it at all.

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Premium Quality of Materials: The posture corrector is made of high-quality durable materials, which increase the level of comfort and stability. This allows you to wear it while you are sitting in the office, resting at home, running errands or even exercising. Trust the quality fabric and design to help you get the results you want.

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Wear It Anytime, Anywhere: We designed this posture corrector back brace with maximum comfort in mind so you can easily wear it at work, while driving, at home or working outside!

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Less back pain, more quality time for you: Our Posture Corrector is your personal trainer constantly reminding you to correct your posture and helping you train your muscles and regain that perfect posture even in your leisure time or when you spend time with family or the ones you love.

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A Lifetime Gift

OK Goods Posture Corrector can not only improve your bad posture and relieve your pain, but also help more people in need. It is the best gift for family, friends, and colleagues, and it can help them be healthier and more confident. Let us be healthier, more confident and happier together.



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