Heating Pad Hands, Electric Water Bag, Arthritis Hand Warmer, Auto-Shut Off- Lavender

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Happy Heat Heating Pad Hands, Electric Water Bag, Arthritis Hand Warmer, Auto-Shut Off- Lavender

  • 100% fleece
  • 100% NATURAL HAND PAIN THERAPY: Regular use of our hand warmer will help relieve your cold hands; It will also allow you to experience an unparalleled heat therapy to aid soothe swollen, dry and cracked hands aching or even sore hands reducing chronic hand pain.
  • 2. NO BOILING WATER, NO MICROWAVE, NO REFILL. Just plug-in for 12-15 minutes, when the red light is off, unplug. Water is pre-sealed in the bladder. Our new technology heats the sealed water from 140º Fahrenheit to 158º Fahrenheit.
  • 3. SOFT FLEECE COVER helps keep your hands warm while maintaining total comfort with the highest quality materials. Happy Heat electric hand warmer is supplied with a lavender sachet that is easy to replace to enjoy both aromatherapy and heat therapy.
  • 4. FULLY PORTABLE new generation of hot remedy devices include a safe, built-in auto shut-off function to prevent overheating. We use high-quality materials to keep this rechargeable hand warmer bottle to prevent leaking. The unit does not require additional water, weights around 3 lbs
  • 5. CORDLESS HAND WARMER is great to use in the comfort of your home or in your office.
Happy Heat electric hand warmer  Electric Rechargeable Heating Pads Pain Relief Lavender Hand Warmer

Size: L 10″ X H 1.5″ X W 7.50″

Color: Lavender

AC Adapter: ✓

Temperature: 140ºF up to 158ºF

Period of warmth: Up to 5 hours

Weight: 3 lbs

Auto shut off: ✓

Best for body parts: Hand

Fabric: Non removable in a soft Fleece cover

  • Product Dimensions : 11 x 7 x 2 inches; 4 Pounds
  • Manufacturer : CCV

Legal Disclaimer

CAUTION : How to prevent from damaging your device? 1. Unplug the adaptor immediately when the red light indicator is off. 2. Do not recharge the device when the unit is warm, wait until the temperature is down. 3. Don’t plug in the unit all night as it will shorten the life time of the device. Must charge on a flat surface Do not use when charging Do not charge on upright or inclined Do not insert pins. For household use only. People with diabetes should consult a doctor before use.


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