Hot & Cold Packs (5 Pack Round): Small Ice Packs For Injuries Reusable Gel Ice Pack

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Hot & Cold Packs (5 Pack Round): Small Ice Packs For Injuries Reusable Gel Ice Pack, Cold Compress First Aid, Small Ice Pack Gel, Soft Ice Pack Reusable Ice Packs For Injuries Gel Icepack For Injuries

  • Stays Cold Longer: Other Brands Look Good, But Don’t Stay Cold. Our Flexible Ice Packs Retain Cold And Heat Better Than Other Ice Wraps. Five Reusable Ice Pack For Injuries Included, Keep Several On-hand For Icy Hot Relief
  • HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT: A better solution for hot & cold therapy. Other brands use a cloth backing to save a few bucks, our first aid ice pack uses durable medical-grade plastic combined with our unique Gel Bead Pack Design
  • FLEXIBLE ICE PACK Stays Soft, Even When Frozen. Flexible Ice Gel Packs For Icing Injuries Great At Home Or On The Go. 4" Round With Gel Beads For Soft & Flexible Relief, Even When Frozen
  • USE HOT OR COLD Packs Can Be Used Both For Both Cold And Hot Therapy. Warm Compress To Relieve Muscle Stiffness Or First Aid Ice Pack To Reduce Swelling, Inflammation Or Pain
  • PREFERRED BY HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS: Doctors, dentists, parents, chiropractic care, and physical therapists trust our hot cold packs to aid arthritis pain relief, neck pain relief, joint pain

❄️ For Cold Therapy: To use as a cold compress, freeze at least 1 hour prior to use
🔥 For Heat Therapy: Heat in microwave at 10 second intervals to use as a microwave heating pad (or microwavable heat pad) for warming heat therapy

Gel ice packs for injuries reusable packs contain flexible beads for your neck, elbow, ankle - instant treatment wherever relief is needed. Small Ice packs great for travel and personal use. Use Gel bead hot cold packs for quick & easy relief from a variety of symptoms:

HEADACHE RELIEF: Use as Nosebleed ice pack, or as a sinus mask for sinus relief & to reduce sinus pressure; migraine relief

TOOTH ACHE: Aid toothache relief, tonsillectomy, tmj pain, or as an ice pack for wisdom teeth removal

EYE COMPRESS: Eye Mask to treat puffy eyes or tired dry eyes

NECK ICE PACK: Use small Ice pack for back pain, Neck Pain, Muscle and Joint Relief

BACK SUPPORT: Physical therapy support, Ease Lower back pain, shoulder pain and for icing elbow injuries including tendonitis

JOINT PAIN: Use post knee surgery to support healthy healing, aid in knee support & treatment of Aches and Pains

FOOT CARE: Toe and bunion care, sprained ankle or leg pain relief

HEMMOROID TREATMENT: Use as a hemorrhoid treatment, relief from hemorrhoids pain

FEMININE CARE: Instant relief for Hot flashes menopause relief or Breastfeeding Relief; reusable breastfeeding pads are effective as a nursing aid to treat tenderness, sore breasts.

MEDICAL CARE: Great for home First Aid kit! Treat Bumps, Bruises or Minor Burn Relief. Use as hot Cold treatment for Minor Sprains, joint pain, arthritis or swelling. Our packs provide gentle relief from muscle spasms.

MALE CARE: Give as a post Vasectomy gift or in a vasectomy kit

CHILDCARE: Trusted by parents to treat kids boo boos & injuries, for boys and girls of all ages.


  • Package Dimensions : 7.3 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches; 15.2 Ounces
  • Manufacturer : Kalo Wellness

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