Memory Foam Pillows for Sleeping, Cervical Spine Ergonomic Pillows - Free Washable Pillowcase

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Memory Foam Pillows for Sleeping, Cervical Spine Ergonomic Pillows - Super Soft & Comfortable Relief Migraine & Neck Pain Bed Pillow, Good for Side, Stomach, Back Sleepers, Free Washable Pillowcase

Size 25.2 x 1.80 x 4.70 inches
Fill Material 100% Slow Rebound Memory Foam
Item Firmness Description Soft and Firm

Fabric Type

Polyester+medium Molecular Polyethylene + Breathable 3d Mesh Gauze, 100% High- Density Slow Rebound Memory Foam

  • [🌙ERGONOMIC DESIGN]:100% Memory Foam Pillow perfectly fits the curve of the cervical and provides comfortable support for the head. The wedge-shaped stretch area ensures the shoulders are parallel to the sides, thus effectively relieving the poor sleeping experience of tight shoulders, and the grooved part reduces the pressure brought to the neck by the head so that the neck can remain bent when lying on its side. Let you get rid of the daytime fatigue and enjoy an effective deep sleep!
  • [🌙PREMIUM MATERIAL]: The Cervical Pillow is made of high-quality thermostatic memory foam that bouncy even in winter. It helps to flexibly release pressure from your body. Its soft, skin-friendly and breathable washable velvet pillowcase will even help keep your skin healthy and smooth. The inner cover uses dustproof yellow sweat cloth to provide you with a healthy sleeping environment.So you can sleep securely without the bad experience caused by the inferior material of the pillow!
  • [🌙SCIENTIFIC HEALTHY SLEEP]: Memory Foam Physiotherapy Pillow combines physiological and mechanical balance with dual cores, grooves, and cervical spine support to perfectly achieve the dual combination of form and function, giving better physical therapy effects while sleeping. Professional solution to your 3 major problems of poor sleep: sleep difficult, short, shallow; cervical spine soreness, pain, stiffness; snoring, breathlessness.
  • [🌙360° SLEEP]: This Super Soft & Comfortable Relief Migraine & Neck Pain Pillow can be easily changed into 3 sleeping positions: side sleeper, back sleeper, and stomach sleeper. The contour pillow has been designed with different side sizes for the customer's experience. (25.2in(L)*11.8in(W)*4.7in(H)/4.3in(H) To meet your multiple choices and take care of your 8 hours of scientific sleep every night!

100% Memory Foam Cervical Pillow - Your Sleeping Partner

Sleep is not only for rest but also for:restoration of physiological conditions;regulation of the physiological endocrine system;regulation of the physiological clock memory system - healthy sleep allows us to be at our best during our waking hours.That's why it's important to choose a pillow that will improve your sleep.The Memory Foam Pillow was developed to do just that!


The neck pillow is ergonomically designed,comfortable and breathable,with strong support,fits the curvature of the neck bones to relieve pressure on the spine,and protects the spine overnight.Also according to the aesthetic design,the surface ridges and grooves can promote air circulation on the surface of the pillow,wedge-shaped stretch design to support the upper back,perfectly carrying the upper thoracic spine.And it can support the skin around the eyes when sleeping on your side,reducing wrinkles caused by sleep stress.This contour memory foam pillow allows you to sleep easily,sleep deep and well,and wake up not tired!


1*Memory Foam Pillow



Height of the neck: 3.5''

Another cervical height: 3''

The center height: 1.6''

Weight: 2.8 lbs.


1. Memory foam isn't washable!

2.Pillowcase low-temperature washing,soaking time less than 15 minutes,and wash separately from dyed clothing!

3. after unpacking,if you smell a “foam”,just ventilate it for 24-48h,Don't worry about the safety of the material! And please beat the pillow vigorously after unpacking to activate the memory foam!

4.This pillow is soft and firm,but if you have never used a memory foam pillow before,it may take up to 2 weeks to get used to the pillow while ensuring proper sleeping posture.Otherwise,you may feel a little discomfort!


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