MinLia 1PC Neck Support,Cervical Neck,Cervical Traction Device

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Color: Blue
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MinLia 1PC Neck Support, Cervical Neck, Cervical Traction Device Brace Collar Protector Belt Massage Neck Posture Pain Relief Correcto, Collar Brace

  • Type: Massage Neck
  • Color: as the picture
  • Size: 55cm*9.5cm
  • Quantity: 1PC
  • Package1*Neck Support Cervical Traction Device


1. Special elastic material to ensure the effective and stable support of the head, share the weight of the head, less cervical pressure. Relieve cervical pain.
2. Inverted trapezoidal three-dimensional sewing technology, fit the neck, the effective support at the same time, to ensure that the neck can be flexible.
3. Mesh and internal breathable material, feel comfortable, not stuffy.
4. Lightweight (about 70g), small size, easy to carry.
5. Beautiful and generous shape.

1. Effective support of the head, relieve neck pressure.
2. posture correction, to prevent excessive neck bending.


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