Natural Heat Patch-Pain Relief of Neck, Shoulder, Back, Sciatica, Joint, Muscle, Period Cramps

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QiMoxa Natural Heat Patch-Pain Relief of Neck, Shoulder, Back, Sciatica, Joint, Muscle, Period Cramps-Moxibustion Vital Energy Heating Pads Penetrate Deep-Fast Acting Packs-Long Lasting Patches-10PCS

  • ALL NATURAL PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Heat pads are 100% natural without animal ingredients. Main ingredients: mugwort and ginger. Our mugwort AKA QiMoxa is awarded a geographic landmark certificate, the highest quality and the most active ingredients
  • TIME PROVED FORMULA: Ancient healing remedy and modern technology. Ginger opens the meridians, removes damp and relieves swelling. Moxa produces gentle and far penetrating vital energy to boost immunity. Maintain a temperature of 127 degrees for 8 hrs. Heat patches come with temperature control stickers to decrease temperature
  • FREE E-BOOKS AND HEALING ART: Free Ebooks and videos from QiMoxa website tutorials page. Provide information of the various ways to use this heat patch to reach health goals
  • LIFE BENEFITS: Our heat pads are backed by premium ingredients with optimal benefits for the whole body to promote self healing. QiMOXA heat pads are a gift from Nature Mother to improve well-being

We begin with simple questions: what is life and how to make it better. We believe life is the process of energy consumed. People are getting old and weak when energy decreases. People die if they run out of energy. Vital energy is fundamental to life. If we recharge ourselves, we explore an abundant life. Our team searches for the best source of vital energy for the human body. We present the answer to you about a good life.

QiMoxa Heat Patches Boost Immunity Relieve Pain Natural Self Healing

QiMoxa History and Evolution

Moxibustion is a thousands of years of time proven natural method. Ancient Chinese quote the best vital energy is from mugwort AKA Moxa. The best Mugwort is QiMoxa. QiMoxa is awarded a geographic landmark certificate, which means it is officially the highest quality mugwort in the world. Three year aged QiMoxa has the similar frequency as the human body, so the vital energy is delivered gently and deeply to improve self healing. This is what we use in all our products. Every product we spend at least 4 years from plants growing to the moment you open the package. QiMoxa has been used safely to deliver energy to the human body generations after generations. This is what we do: adopting modern technology to present this ancient healing art in a simple way!

QiMoxa heat patches natural self healing boost immunity improve energy

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What is moxibustion?

Moxibustion is burning dried mugwort (moxa) on particular regions or points on the body. Moxibustion has been used throughout Asia for thousands of years. Most people believe it is the first systemized traditional healing method. The moxa activates and increases energy flow to boost immunity. Energy leads the blood traveling along the internal organs. Energized internal organs result in a healthy and peaceful appearance. Because moxa can add energy to the human body, Yellow Emperor stated if cannot be cured by medicine and acupuncture, then one must apply moxibustion.

2. What is the difference between QiMoxa Heat Pads and moxibustion?

Although moxibustion is beneficial for human health, the burning and smoke of traditional methods prevent many people from using it. Also, moxibustion is very time consuming. QiMoxa heat pads use modern science to mimic moxibustion. The moxa heat goes along the meridians and warms up the damp. QiMoxa heat patches save time and apply easily.

The healing power of plants depends on the growing environment. For thousands of years experience, people regard the geographic landmark plants as the most healing power due to their unique growing environment. QiMoxa is the geographic landmark plants of Moxa, which means the highest quality and the most active ingredients.

3. What is the instruction of QiMoxa heat patches?

1) Take out the heat patch and remove both side of release paper. 2) Apply directly to the site of pain over intact skin for up to 8 hours continuous warmth. Take effect in 5-10 minutes after apply and take off when the pad is cool. Discard properly. 3) Paste temperature controller on the middle of outside patch to reduce temperature if needed

4. Are there any precautions?

Pregnancy is contraindicated for any mugwort. Vital energy usually dominates blood in normal body circumstances, so people will not form blood clot or tumor. However, during pregnancy, blood has to dominate energy, so the baby can be formed. Extra energy inputting can increase risk of miscarriage. However, QiMoxa can be used for women who are preparing to get pregnant because it can increase energy of the kidneys and reproductive system. Women should discontinue QiMoxa after pregnancy. We list the precautions below.


  • Do not use it if pregnant, diabetic, or have allergic reactions. Not on damaged skin or open sores, sensitive skin, nerve damage, fracture in acute stage or bleeding disorders. Do not use it under the age of 12. Elderly people, disabled or handicapped individuals use it with caution and supervision. Apply patch over a layer of clothing and not directly on the skin for aged or thin skin. Do not use it in combination with other heating devices, lotions, creams, oils or ointments. Do not use in the same site more than once in a 24 hour period. Do not sleep on or put pressure on the heat patch for an extended period of time. Stop use if skin showed irritation or blisters. It is normal to experience slight skin redness after removing patches. External use only. One time use only. Use immediately after opening the inner bag. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention. If swallowed, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. Patches contain iron. Please remove patches prior to an MRI.

5. What kind of pain QiMoxa can relieve?

We simplify pain to 2 categories: empty pain and solid pain. We call the pain which likes to be touched empty pain or soreness. We call the pain which resists to be touched solid pain. What is the difference for these 2 kinds of pain? When the body lacks vital energy, things happen. Sometimes the chill comes into the body, so the tendons shorten and muscles contract. Sometimes overuse muscles have minor injuries. Self healing cannot be completed due to lack of vital energy. In these kinds of situations, soreness occurs. At this time, one likes to massage the sore spots because massage increases local temperature and circulation, promotes healing and relieves soreness. If these situations are getting worse, muscle contraction will pull the bone to malalignment. Furthermore, blood vessels, nerve and energy flow will be affected or blocked and toxins accumulated. Eventually, solid such as calcification, clots or tumors will be developed. Now, pain areas are resisted to be touched because touch makes it more painful. QiMoxa can relieve empty pain or soreness such as muscle or joint sore, back pain, stiff neck, shoulder pain, knee pain, and cramps etc, but solid pain is beyond our topic.

6. What is the moxa flower?

At the beginning, apply heat patches without essential oil and put a temperature control sticker on the middle of the outside. After being familiar with patches, one can adjust the temperature with the reference temperature adjustment chart. A very few customers produce blisters after application (AKA moxa flower). To promote healing, puncture the bottom of blisters with a sterile needle, release the fluid by sterile cotton swab, keep it dry, and it will heal itself. Discontinue use of a heat pad in the same area.

  • Package Dimensions : 6.34 x 4.8 x 3.94 inches; 1.03 Pounds
  • Manufacturer : QMHP0001

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