Neck Relief Hammock for Neck Pain

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  • Neck Relief Hammock for Neck Pain Head Hammock for Headache Neck Support Portable Relieves Back and Shoulder Pain

    • Effective Pain Relief: The head hammock is an excellent cervical neck device to reduce neck pain which increases blood flow, sooths the surrounding muscles, decreases pain, and increases mobility of the neck and shoulders.
    • Cervical traction assistant: The head hammock for the neck takes only 10 minutes a day. Which is highly effective for physical therapy, chronic neck pain. Improve blood circulation and sleep quality.
    • Easy to Install: One minute is all you need to ready this neck device. Wrap the adjustable straps around any doorknob, railing or bed, the length can be adjusted according to your needs. use the neck decompression device whenever you need rapid neck pain relief.
    • Durable Head Hammock For Men and Women: Our cervical traction device is available for athletes, laborers, dancers, people who work long hours. Our head hammock helps you stay away from the pain and troubles of cervical vertebrae syndrome, to enjoy a comfortable and healthy life.
    • SATISFACTION ASSURANCE: Ergonomically designed to fit your neck perfectly. Soft fabrics keep your head comfortable and relaxed. Lightweight, the perfect size allows you to carry it anywhere, anytime!

    Why choose us?

    1.With this Neck Traction Hammock, you can overcome almost all neck pain-related problems. It works by gently pulling your head away from your neck, then stretching your neck muscles and reducing spinal compression.
    Regular usage may help with:
    Relieving neck tension from sitting at a desk or looking down at a phone all day.
    Reducing stress levels and relieving tension headaches.
    Relieving back, shoulder, or neck pain from pinched nerves.
    Stretching your muscles and promoting blood circulation.

    2. High-quality materials and superior stitching technique ensure comfort and long-lasting durability. Adjustable hanging loop can be wrapped around almost any railing, doorknob, or coat hook. Adjustable straps help you easily adjust the hammock’s height as you want, even while lying down.
    NOTE: Be sure to choose a secure.

    3.Ergonomic curve design, conform with the correct form of the human cervical spine, perfectly match with the human curve. This will be the best gift for family and friends.

    How to use:
    1. Hook hanging loop onto outside doorknob.
    2. Wrap rest of strap around inside doorknob.
    3. Close door, Adjust straps height off the ground( 2 - 4 inch is recommended height ), then attach elastic cords and neck hammock.
    4. Lie down, rest neck on hammock, and relax.

    Package Dimensions: 10.55 x 7.6 x 4.57 inches
    Item Weight: 10.9 ounces
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