JerkFit RTB Premium Weightlifting Belt for Olympic Lifting, Comfortable with Full Back Support

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JerkFit RTB Premium Weightlifting Belt for Olympic Lifting, Comfortable with Full Back Support for Deadlifts, Back Squats, and Thrusters, Lightweight and Flexible for Men and Women

  • LIGHTWEIGHT CONTOUR DESIGN - The MOST comfortable & ergonomically correct shape for your back, that NEVER digs in, to help you ENGAGE your core and give you the absolute best support for your back and prevent debilitating injuries specially when performing weightlifting and Powerlifting in the gym.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Made from HEAVY DUTY, neoprene-like material, which, unlike unnecessarily heavy and uncomfortable leather belts and buckles, makes them SUPER lightweight but with equal support and can easily fold to fit into your gym bag or any Fitness equipment compartment
  • LIFT WITH CONFIDENCE-Unique double wall Hook and Loop strap concept we've implemented changes the entire game for all Lifting Belt designs. NO MORE slippage mid lift, and allows the belt to stay on hands free between lifts. (SEE VIDEO)
  • FEEL GOOD - Sleek and bold design, that looks incredible on both men & women and feels like no other belt you've ever tried. The RTB Weight belt will be the LAST belt you'll ever need for those heavy deadlifts, cleans, squats, snatches, thrusters and more!
  • SIZE IT UP - How to size our Men's and women's weightlifting belts properly. Do not use pant size to determine the size. Stand up, measure around your mid section from the line of your belly button. Tighten your abdomen as if your were about to lift. Pull tape snug, and take measurements. SMALL-28”-32”, MEDIUM-32”-36”,LARGE-36”-39”,X-LARGE-39”-45”. KEEP your core tight, make those gains ,while rocking the best logos in the industry!



What is the most important muscle group in fitness (not including the heart and diaphragm, of course)? Many would say it’s their quads, glutes, or maybe chest. While they are ALL important, it is actually your CORE, the powerhouse team made up of your abs, obliques, and lower back that hold everything together and provides the solid foundation your body needs.

Without a strong core foundation, achieving any sort of meaningful gains can be a slow and tedious process. Not to mention, a weak core is one of the main factors in debilitating injuries of the back and spine. Science has proven core engagement is crucial in almost any lift imaginable that athletes can push and pull more weight and reduce injury.

A fantastic tool used by weightlifters for decades is the Weight Belt. There are some misconceptions about the use of a weight belt that may have led to a decline in its use over the last couple decades. Many people believe that the main objective of the weight belt is to provide support and leverage for the torso so your core doesn’t have to strain, and that it can hinder strength building and act as a “crutch.” Both of these claims are false!

Weight Belts actually PROMOTE the engagement of abs and lower back by pushing against the belt, hence STABILIZING AND REDUCING STRESS ON THE SPINE, at the same time promoting proper form. In fact, wearing a belt can actually INCREASE core development, not hinder it.

If you’ve never worn a weight belt you’re going to notice a huge difference in your lifts DAY 1. Its an essential tool for increasing your core strength, improving body mechanics and reducing injury. Be good to your core, and your back and spine will be good to you!

Jerkfit Weight Belt
Jerkfit Weight Belt

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