RBP Morning Stretch Roller Wheel for Back Pain, Stiffness, Tight Muscle Soreness

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  • Color Yellow and Grey
    Material EVA
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 11.3 x 7.48 x 11.3 inches
  • FOR EVERYONE: This roller is designed to be used by everyone! Whether you are a yogi looking for the next generation yoga wheel; a runner; a mom/dad with back pain; an elite cross fitter or powerlifter; or just someone looking to support healthy spinal motion.
  • PINE GAP:When you roll your back on a basic flat roller, you are actually jamming the spinal segments and restricting motion as you roll- the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve! Our revolutionary design was created to support natural spinal movement and enhance overall mobility.
  • INVENTED BY A CHIROPRACTOR: Our very own Chiropractor, Dr. Sonia Pasquale, created this awesome Patented Design to support spinal mobility and extension!
  • THERAPEUTIC BUMP PATTERN: Our patented staggered bump pattern allows you to feel deep pressure in the muscles on either side of the spine and release trigger points as you roll. The bumps have some give so they are not rock hard. They will also soften a little as you use it!
  • WORKS ON EVERY PART OF THE BODY: From your neck, to arms, to lats, to glutes, to legs – there is no place this roller won’t help! HOLDS 1000lbs: We created a roller that can support 1000lbs! That means you don’t have to worry about it breaking under you! This roller is built from the highest quality tough molded foam in the world.
  • EIGHT / WIDTH: This roller is designed at 11 inches tall which is the perfect height to increase leverage and allow you to create extension. It is also stable at 7.5 inches wide. So it won’t tip over when you are rolling.
  • RAVEL FRIENDLY: While this Roller is definitely a beast, it will easily fit in all backpacks and suitcases! It will be your new favorite travel buddy!
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