U-Shaped Neck & Upper Back Pain, Migraine Relief Massage Pillow - For Home Travel Office

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Massage U-Shaped Pillow Multi-Function Shoulder Cervical Vertebra Electric Portable Car Health Care for Home Travel Office

Massage for 15 minutes each day for hours of neck pain relief.


You can expect to enjoy a deep tissue massage that can open up pain points, improve mobility, and reduce discomfort associated with the following:

✓ Neck Pain
✓ Migraine
✓ Arthritis Pain
✓ Headaches at the back of the neck
✓ Cervical Neck Pain
✓ Pinched Nerves
✓ Pain from Poor Posture
✓ Muscle Spasms
✓ Knotted Neck and Shoulders
✓ And More...

➕ TENS technology relieves pain, relaxes muscles & reduces tension.

➕ Heating at 107.6 F (42 ° C) improves blood circulation.

➕ Remote controlled, choose between 3 modes & 15 intensities.

➕ Lightweight, comfortable & fits perfectly. Use it anytime and anywhere.

➕ Easy to usediscreet & silent.

➕ Replicates the traditional acupuncture and deep-tissue Shiatsu therapy.

➕ Save hundreds of dollars on medical & massage appointment.


  • Simulated hand kneading massage
  • Helps to relieve muscle pain



  • Material: Velvet Cloth
  • Battery: Lithium (Built in/Chargeable)
  • Product Size(approx.): 26 x 24 x 10 CM 

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